Free Thai driver license exam online

Hi, my name is Vladimir and I have been living in Chiang Mai, Thailand for the last 5 years. This year I had a Thai driving license exam. I am not going to explain the process, since it might be slightly different from city to city and you can easily find information online.
Important thing is that Theory test remains the same no matter what city you are in; here you can find details on this. Should you require any additional information on processes in Chiang Mai, please feel free to message me and I will be happy to help.

Please note that all of questions on here are the questions you will have on real test. Here are 90 questions which is total of possible questions you might get on real test. On real test you will have 50 questions and you must have 90% corerct. I might missing some, so if you get notice the extra ones on the exam you take, drop me a line so I can update it.